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Prestige pieces are premium products. Handcrafted, they are unique, no piece will look like the other.  The recuperation wood is chosen very carefully from old, detached branches and mixed with the perfect imitation of marble.


Allegria pieces are exclusive products, they are unique and have a serial number. The perfect design that will fit to any kind of decoration. This masterpiece will be the guardian of the room day and night where you left it.


The 3D effect created by 170 sharp nails layered on 6 levels, will always make you believe that you are one of the Fakir performing holy wonders.


Reborn is about our decision to step up and move for our health.It is the lighter Keep Up model. You want to start easy, then go with Reborn model. Once you get in shape, you can move up to premium products.

Are you a manager who cares about the wellbeing of his employees?

Are you fancying something to offer to your best friends?

Tell us wht you need and we will do the best to find a customized solution.

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