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One year ago, it was difficult to imagine that we will turn our homes into our offices and our business trips into endless video conferences.

And here we are, managing our new daily life as graceful as we can, because humanity has this amazing ability to quickly adapt to the environment.

At home or at the office, we are sitting more than ever and, yes, we are all missing badly our coffee breaks!

For some, maybe just the outfit is not as conventional at it used to be – hey, we do not judge anyone, we are wearing our shorts at meetings as often as you are.

And we all know how sitting without moving for many hours is influencing our health:

  • poor circulation of the blood
  • stiff, sore legs
  • poor health
  • increases load on the heart

A sedentary behavior (including prolonged sitting) is regarded as the main cause in various affections, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Keep Up was born

We want everyone to be able to work and stay healthy, not to become another number in any medical statistics

Are you spending most of the day at your desk ?

Do you feel that you are confronted with a high level of stress ?

Do you want to spend your time in a smart way and choose a new life style ?

Moving throughout the day helps to lower the risk of health problems, so Keep Up! 

Keep Up is for YOU!  Keep Up, your platform for doing sport when sitting long hours at home or at the office.

It's more than a lifestyle, it's art

Keep Up is not the regular fitness piece that, at the end of your workout, will get into the closet or in the garage. Keep Up is designed to find its place in your office or your living room.

Our focus is on the benefits that the workout has on our health, but also on the aesthetics. We wanted to create a product that will always be at hand, in perfect harmony with your interior design.

Thus it is for you to decide to place it on a marble column, on a shelf or simply on your desk, just keep it close at hand to use it during your meetings!

Get your Keep Up with a special price now !

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